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All Saints CE Junior Academy

With God, nothing is impossible

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Our Senior Leadership Team


Ms K Hurd


Mrs C Styles

Assistant Head

Mr M Schembri

Assistant Head

Mrs A Brignall

Business Manager


Ms J Barnard

Inclusion Lead





Our Teachers


Mr M Schembri

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs J Martin

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs S Ingram

Year 5 Teacher

Miss N Butler

Temp Yr 5 Teacher


Mrs M Hinxman

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs C. Styles

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs D Giles

Year 3 Teacher

Mr W McCullough

Year 3 Teacher


Mrs K Barham

PE & Clubs Teacher


Mrs L McLeod

Small Group

Teacher (PPG)

Mrs F Eastes

Yr 5 Teacher

(starting Jan 2020)



Our Teaching Assistants


Mr A Harding Miss J Bowden Miss K Stevens Mrs L Flack
Mrs L Kibbey Mrs M Light Mrs S Clark Mrs T Boyle




Mrs J. Taekema (Literacy TA)

Our Individual Needs Assistants

  Miss L Prentice Mrs S Hodgett  


Our Administrative Staff

Mrs C Asson Mrs V Boorman    


Our Midday Supervisory Assistants


Mrs V Boorman Miss K Preedy Mrs R Smith  


Our Site Staff


Mr D Williams Mrs H Elamri Mrs A Weeks Mr S Warner