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All Saints CE Junior Academy

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10th December, 2020


Dear Parents,


The Department of Education has updated its guidance for schools and has recognised the challenges schools have faced since the start of the year and the additional pressures caused by the role played in contact tracing. We would like to thank you as parents at this point for working with us and keeping us up to date with the information we need to follow the track and trace guidelines effectively. Working together has helped us to ensure that we can keep everyone at school and in our community as safe as possible. Thank you!


On the 8.12.2020 it was announced that Public Health England has a 6 day window following the final day of teaching in which schools will remain contactable so that we can assist them with contact tracing where necessary. This period will allow positive coronavirus cases to be identified and for us to contact any relevant members of our school community.


The guidance suggests that schools may wish to consider closing to pupils from the 17.12.2020

We know this will come at short notice but after due consideration, and in the light of the above we have decided that All Saints will close for an INSET day on the 18th December. The hope is that this will provide a safer period between children being in school and any family gatherings which could start from the 23.12.2020.


This decision has been made alongside Dudley Infant Academy, who will also hold an INSET day, and other academies in the Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust in Hastings.


Important Information Below:  


  • For the first 6 days after teaching ends (i.e. until Wednesday 23rd December), if your child tests positive for COVID19, having developed symptoms within 48 hours of being in school, Parents should notify Ms Hurd whose contacts will be shared via Class DOJO and the school website .
  • School staff will not be on-call or conduct any contact tracing more than 6 days after the final day of teaching. (i.e. beyond Wednesday 23 December)  
  • Where children are required to self-isolate due to contact with a positive case after the first 6 days following the end of term, you do not need to inform the school of any absence until the first day of the new term.  

Pupils will be welcomed back on Monday 4th January as previously planned.


Thank you for your continued support. It is as always very much appreciated. 


Katharine Hurd,