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February 2018 visit to Sierra Leone partner school

Some information about our partnership link with

Edest Academy Jui, Sierra Leone.


Our partnership has been in existence for 2 years and Hastings schools have been strengthening the link through collaborative projects, such as: developing our pupil voice, Zero hunger and Zero Waste, which is supported by The British Council “Connecting Classrooms” link work.


In 2017, one of our Year 4 teachers, Mrs Hinxman, visited Edest and introduced with the support of Mrs Tommy, the Headteacher, a school council. The council were keen to work on the zero hunger project, and began planting foods, which were then fed to the students at the school. This project enabled the students to develop their skills in producing foods, which were sustainable and provided affordable produce.


During February of 2018, Mrs Hinxman was able to re-visit Edest, this time with the support of the Hastings, Sierra Leone, friendship link (HSFL), which has been supporting Hastings village, Sierra Leone, since the conflict ended in 2002. Our focus for this visit was to develop our ideas on waste management within our schools.  Whilst in Edest, Mrs Hinxman helped the students to focus on classroom waste and how they could produce class resources such as: board rubbers and alphabet disco balls!  The school council also wanted to raise awareness of traffic speed and noise outside the school, and mounted a silent protest.


She also took out with her our parents' donations of medical supplies, and an extra set of football kit that the Academy no longer needed, which the children were very excited to receive.


The British Council has developed The Connecting Classrooms project to support partnerships around the globe and enhance our pupils understanding of the world through collaborative partnership work. “By developing and networking with thousands of teachers across the world, the British Council aims to help young people develop the knowledge, skills and values to live and work in a globalised economy.”